Critical tasting is tough work.  It also involves a steep lean to one side...

Why "coopered"? Coopered means "put in a wooden barrel or tub". I just love a spirit that has taken on the essence of the wood. That's the common denominator here. I enjoy drinking spirits that have that vanilla wood sugar and that tannin bite. I'll never forget when I had old Appleton Estate rum (after only having had Bacardi white). It was a shocking revelation what the wood can do.

The word "tot" refers to the Naval purser's (or prusser's) job of doling out carefully measured units of rum - (1/8th of a pint per day). The measure was known as a "tot". The word has since come to mean about 50ml, otherwise known as a jigger, pony, or shot. Technically a tot, as 1/8 pint is 59.14ml. A jigger or shot is usually 50ml. So, technically, a "tot" is nice heavy shot. That's as it should be...  The Coopered Tot is thus literally a big dram in a barrel.  But it's a double entendre that means a little kid in a barrel too.  That would be me - a big toddling young at heart guy. 

A Coopered Tot?

About me:  I'm Josh Feldman.  I work in IT at a Mid-town Manhattan cultural institution.  My background includes education and marketing.  I've been a whisky enthusiast since the late 1980s and came later to bourbon and other distillates.  I'm not an expert. I'm simply an articulate drinker. I find when I write out my tasting notes I taste more deeply and take a deeper notice of what's going on between me and the glass. Drawing what you see while at the eyepiece of a telescope or microscope is much the same thing. Over the past year or two I've become more involved in events including hosting a number of my own - so there will some writing about that too.  Please enjoy anything up here and feel free to comment and interact. I appreciate the feedback. 

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  1. Hi Josh, how's life. Very nice Site. Congrats! I believe my site is the only one not yet linked to yours. Shall we exchange links? Just let me know! Thanks and Cheers, Jan

    1. Hi Jan! Consider it done. (Everybody - look at the blog roll for Best Shot Whisky Reviews)!

  2. Thanks Joshua, will do the same at my side/site! Cheers and Happy Easter, Jan

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    I'm looking for whisky exhibitors that can market their brands in my upcoming whisky tasting event in April 2015.

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  4. Hi. I really like your website. I’m a big fan of whiskey in general. So much so we’ve started sourcing and aging coffee beans in whiskey barrels. Any chance you would be up for reviewing our coffee for your blog readers? I can send out some free samples to you. Awesome site by the way.

    Let me know.

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    I am reading for quite awhile now and have my own whisky blog since a few weeks. I just added you to my blogroll.

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    I have inherited a bottle of Plankton Reserve Cedar Brook Whiskey. It was bottled in Spring of 1914, I think. How would I go about selling it? It is unopened. cassel.heidi@gmail.com