Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Whisky Is A Time Traveler" appears on

Rachel MacNeill, Islay native, whisky maven, leader of Wild & Magic Islay tours and publisher of a number of web sites including has published an introspective and philosophical article by yours truly called "Whisky Is A Time Traveler".  Check it out at:


  1. Very thought-provoking article, Josh.

    What jumped out at me was the part about seeing only the main parts of a whisky, and needing tasting notes to help you really see and pay attention to the rest of it. I think you're quite right. While I was still blogging, I was always thinking about it and I found many nuances. Now that I've stopped, I've gone back to just drinking to enjoy, and I think I probably pay less attention to the secondary notes, and how everything plays together. I can't make myself say that one way is better than the other, however. I think there is a time and a place for both. I do enjoy picking apart a whisky and thinking about it, but you have to be able to just enjoy what comes to you sometimes. As a blogger, I found it difficult to do anything but the former, but I do enjoy just drinking and soaking up whatever comes to me without looking!

    1. There's no right or wrong to enjoy something. I was writing about heightened awareness - which is an exercise just like any kind of exercise. Lindsey Vonn won the world cup in the downhill again this year (she's shockingly dominant and a real source of pride for USA skiing). Does she ski like race day every day? Doesn't she ever want a leisurely easy run? Of course she does.

      Just because you can acutely meditate when you sit still doesn't mean that you should - or ought to - every time you sit down. Ditto with whisky. There is a time and place for intense careful critical tasting. There's also a time and place for just having a drink on not worrying about it. Lately I have a hard time turning off the critical voice. But, sometimes I still can. For example - the second drink.

      You're taking a break - but I suspect there's a part of you that will periodically demand a critical tasting session from time to time. You'll be drinking something new and good and bam - you'll be there.

    2. Oh indeed, I've already done some critical tasting since I stopped blogging! But, if I had to choose either critical tasting or passive tasting for the rest of my life (a strange scenario, I know), I would choose passive. I find it much easier to chill out and only do critical tasting when I want to, now that I've stopped blogging. I actually found a no-pressure outlet for some of my whisky enthusiasm: I started a profile on and have written a couple reviews. Though admittedly I put much less effort into those reviews, and they will certainly not come regularly. It's all the fun without the pressure ;-) (If you're tempted to, please do not advertise my connosr profile. I'm trying to stay low-key)

    3. Cool Ryan. You secret is safe with me (and everyone else who reads this page).

    4. Thanks. It's not really a secret, I just don't want anyone to expect that it's going to be a continuation of my blog. It's just something that I'll write reviews when I get the urge, and not worry about it otherwise. My connosr name is valuewhisky, btw. It's amazing how much less stressful it is when you don't have regular readers, you don't know how many people are reading, and there are no reasons to have a regular posting schedule ;-) The only thing I miss is a way to write my thoughts that aren't reviews.