Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chuck Cowdery's "Bourbon Strange" Is Now Available For The Kindle

One of the most important books to me in discovering about Bourbon is Chuck Cowdery's "Bourbon Straight".

But as the years have passed since its first printing in 2004 a lot has happened (such as the ascension  of the Craft movement with the rise of the NDP issue, the demise of the age statement,  stocks of Stitzel-Weller drying up, etc...  I've consistently recommended "Bourbon Straight" to people looking to know more about Bourbon, but usually with a small apologetic about some of the information being a little dated.  It's been a well known fact that Chuck has been working on a new version.  Today Chuck announced that it was out on Kindle, with the print version to follow in a few weeks.  

It's called "Bourbon Strange".  As of now it's my current read.  I'll review it as soon as I've devoured it.

This is the link to purchase the Kindle edition:

*Chuck Cowdery is the author of the Bourbon Country Reader magazine and the indispensable Bourbon news blog

He is also the author of other important whiskey books including

The Best Bourbon You'll Never Taste
Small Barrels Produce Lousy Whiskey