Thursday, February 16, 2012

Edradour 10 is candy, wood, and spice.

Edradour 10 late 90s distillery bottling abv. 43%

Edradour is said to be the smallest distillery in Scotland. The buildings look like a hobbit village and the stills are supposedly the smallest allowed by law (any smaller and they would be deemed portable). The distillery used to be worked by three men. Currently it is down to two. The whiskeys of Edradour are sweet and easy with a nice characteristic vinous character. The bottle today is a pretty late 1990s dusty.

Color: gold

Nose: Red wine (burgundy), gorse, gingerale and cream soda... and some swamp-like dankness

Entry is sweet with cola and vinous (concord) notes. Mid palate expansion is soft and gentle with red fruit, white raisins, hard candy, and light sherry notes. After extended time this hard candy aspect becomes downright addictive.

The heat in this spirit shows up late with a lacy peppery quality at the finish and a warm throat glow (maybe because it's so soft up front I take bigger sips). The lacy heat expands at the surprisingly long finish into old wood with spice, resin, and tannin bite.

Smooth and tasty, but with a nice character.


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