Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Woodford Reserve Bourbon - Lithe and balanced, Woodford is a polished sophisticated bourbon

Woodford Reserve has a cult following and it's easy to understand why: it has a lean, semi-dry, aspect that emphasizes herbal and botanical notes and downplays the resiny fruity "candy corn"'aspect one often finds in bourbons. It is sophisticated and grown up hooch for more discriminating palates.
Woodford is a lovely medium amber color - darker than Makers or Beam but lighter than lighter than, say Kentucky Spirit or Craig 18. It's lovely. Nose is full of toffee walnut and tobacco. There's some leather and cream too. First sip opens bright with brown sugar and honeyed corn. Vanilla notes from oak arrive shortly and the midpalate blooms with herbal and floral aspects that mute the sweetness combined with the leather and tobacco meets toffee aspect. Finish is medium long and a bit dry with oak vanilla floral qualities and a kiss of distant smoke. It's a very tasty experience - if lacking the depth of flavor of the very best. The absence of "corn likker" fruitiness is most appreciated. This is a good bourbon for convincing scotch drinkers to consider bourbon.


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