Friday, February 10, 2012

Kings County Bourbon is bourbon made in Brooklyn

Local craft made corn whiskey out of the vast Brooklyn "maker" craft renaissance. Is King's county any good? They also have a nice white moonshine and a "chocolate moonshine". The following review is for the bourbon product only.  All three are sold in flasks with screw tops and a quickie label that looks typed.  A paper bag to drink out of is optional.  The product is clearly meant to look like a bathtub back alley production - like something from prohibition.  There are a number of Appalachia mountain products like this (typically sold in mason jars).  This is the real New York City deal.

This sample is hand labeled as from barrel 34.  The back label proudly trumpets "aged less than 4 years".  Color is a nice dark amber bronze.

It has a big sherry nose sweet with red fruits with an underlying base of rich bourbon caramel corn, leather tobacco aromas.

First sip is sweet with corn and stewed prunes. Corn likker sweetness barrels into the midpalate where juicy bitter citrus makes your saliva squirt. There's cheese flavored grape rancio in the finish and the nice bite of wood tannins. There's also an odd solvent note - a bit like oil paint - but it's subtle and doesn't ruin the show. Good hefty mouthfeel; nice density of flavor. This is a New York City (Brooklyn) craft distillery product? Color me impressed.

Superficially this resembles the big sweet dankness of Elijah Craig 12. That's high praise. The Craig totally skins it on price, however (and on a bunch of small flavor points to boot). The main point here is that this is credible - even good - bourbon, made right here in Noo Yawk Citty!


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